Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm jamming, won't you jam along too?

Good evening and how are you this Monday evening?
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a busy day at work on Saturday followed by a quiet evening and then Sunday I got all my ironing finished before starting to wash more, it's an endless cycle! 
Then I spent the evening relaxing and putting some more of my crochet blanket together.  I am so in need of new wool now.

On to today and I have had a busy wee shift at work followed by a jam making session. 
It's that time of year again! 
I always seem to make jam on a lovely warm day, made warmer by constantly staring in a big pan and checking the temperature.
I had hoped to go fruit picking with the boys but they don't seem to have any interest this year.  There only interest seems to be in quality control!  Funny that, don't you agree?
I might still go picking on my own, our local farm usually has some lovely large blackberries if I have missed the raspberries. 
Today I picked up the raspberries at work instead, cheating a little!

I'm now just waiting for it to cool and finish setting.  Fingers crossed!
I have only made half a dozen jars this year but that usually sees us through to next summer as we don't eat a lot of it, plus the kilner jars I have are slightly bigger than normal jam jars.

What have you been up to this Monday?

I think I am going to make a cuppa now and enjoy a little unwind with my crocheting. 
Enjoy the rest of your evening. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's the weekend, time for a bit of a yarn again.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I hope you have lovely plans for the weekend.  As for me, I'm in work for an early start today and a busy day, followed by a relaxing evening and a quiet Sunday.

It has become the norm for me to share a few crafty quotes that caught my eye during the week in the hope that it adds a smile to your weekend.
So lets get cracking.

This first one is for you Kate after the comment you left on my blog earlier in the week.  I do hope you managed to get "it" sorted.  It is so not fair when your current project isn't going as planned.

We all know that feeling, no matter what the crafty project. 
It is always followed by.....will anyone else notice?  Can I get away with it?  Or the sheer guilt takes over and you spend as long taking out stitches as you did making them.

This next one is me today.  I'd much rather be home working on my blanket. 

Make a run for it heart whilst you have the chance, no one will notice you are missing. 
I'm sure of it!
Me, I'd not be quite as lucky. 

As for this final quote it did make me laugh.  It is so upstairs!

I do love my good yarn too.  That's what I remind myself when going into work at 6. 
It pays for my fine quality yarn.
Always looking to the positive.

That's all from me today, enjoy your weekend. 
I hope you find time to do something you enjoy.
I'm planning a little crafting on Sunday.  Something to look forwards to.

Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Friday time for an oldie, I name that tune in two!

Good morning and how are you this Friday?
It's that time of the week again.  Dig out your oldies and give them an airing with me.
On a Friday I encourage you to join me re-posting a previous project or post something that you have never blogged before.  Today I have a bit of a musical theme for you and you can see the original post here.

I have used Spellbinder dies Classic circles and Labels 25, plus Sizzix egg dies and SU tag punch, framelits dies & stamps.  I've distressed the edges with tea die and embellishments from my stash.

On the cards for me today is my man mountain of ironing, but I am not doing it if it is a beautiful day again.  The forecast is for the weather to change today so I have planned my day around that being the case. 
I think I have washed everything I can this week with the good weather and so the downside of that being I shall be climbing a slightly higher mountain, crampons at the ready!
As for the weekend, I have another early shift at work tomorrow.  I haven't started my new job as yet, as I expected to.  Unfortunately on the section I work we are one full time member and one part time member of staff down.  The jobs are advertised on the website but no takers.  I thought people wanted jobs?  Hay ho.  I can't move until we get someone to replace me and the my other colleague who moved to another store.  Oh the joys!  I wonder how long I shall have to wait?

Enough of my worries, enjoy your weekend folks and don't forget to link up below or leave a wee message.  I shall visit all who take part and thank you for doing so in advance.
I do so enjoy my wee hop on a weekend.  Have a good one!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let it snow! Just not yet.

Good afternoon and how are you this Thursday?
The weather today started off with thick mist and drizzle but that has now burnt off and the sun is out again.  Time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine before all change again for the weekend.

I have been looking at the LIS challenge blog over the last couple of weeks and have made a couple of cards but have not posted them in time.  This card today was for the textured challenge last week.
I had made the card in my head but just not got around to it in person.
On the upside I may have missed the challenge but it is my first Christmas card of the year!
Most unlike me in the middle of August, I'm usually just making the last post at Christmas.

I have used pearlescent black card, the sentiment is white embossed and by Kirsty Wiseman, Many Greetings.  The snowflake die is by Poppystamps inc and I have added a little bling to finish.
CAS all the way.
I would normally use white glitter card for the snowflake design but today I went for something a little different and used some sticky back flocking.  It has real strokable texture to it but is flat enough for posting, a must at Christmas time.

Well, that is all for me today, I'm off to enjoy my lunch in the sunshine and then maybe some gardening or more crocheting outside.  I am saving my housework for later when it cools down a bit.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, time again for an oldie tomorrow, where does the week go?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fun in the sun.

Good afternoon and how the devil are you this week?
Well, I don't know about you but the summer has finally hit the North of Scotland, all three days of it.
Both yesterday and Monday I was working so today, a day off, I have been taking full advantage of the nice weather.

I am afraid when the weather comes so far north I down tools and crafty things and get out and soak in my dose of vitamin D before we go back to usual Scottish weather.  Isn't it just typical that the kids went back to school on Tuesday and the sun is now out shinning.  Why not a week ago?

So what have we been up to?
We had a BBQ on the beach Monday night, as it was the last day of the holidays.
We had the beach to ourselves, it was lovely.  Then we watched the sun go down as one of my pals went out sailing.

A lovely end to the school holidays but more days like that in the six weeks would have been nice.

This morning the dog and I enjoyed a longer than normal walk along the beach, without my fitbit, such a rebel!
It was such a lovely morning the sandals came off and we had a wee paddle together.

Proof that I did get my feet in the water, it was lovely and cool, no wonder the dog likes it on a hot day.
Walking barefoot across the sand and paddling in the sea made it feel like I was on my holidays.  It doesn't happen very often but I've done it everyday this week so far.
This was our view from where we were on the beach.

Before we walked all the way back, to the harbour then across the field, still barefoot.
At one with nature!

Hubby came home from work early too so we've been out on the boat to sea this afternoon.
We didn't catch any tea this time and unfortunately the dolphins were not playing.  I even took my camera to take a picture of  them for you.  It is as if they know when I take my camera, a little shy me thinks.
We did see a huge jellyfish, it was the size of a kitchen tray.  I've never seen one that big before.  It was moving so quickly too.  I thought they just drifted with the tide.
So today has been a good day for living by the sea and enjoying the sunshine.  I refuse point blank to be in the house doing housework or crafting when it is so nice.  As we speak I've just popped in for a cuppa and a cool down and to check I am not the shade of a cooked lobster.
More sunscreen required!
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine too and that all is well with you.
More from me when the weather changes later in the week.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Knit one purl one!

Good morning and how are you this Saturday morning?
Do you have something exciting planned this weekend?
I'm working today but plan finishing off any last minute school shopping, ironing and labelling on Sunday.

It has become a custom on my blog to share a few funny quotes that have made me smile during the week, with the hope that it will brighten your weekend or even your mood.  
It is the weekend after all!
Today's selection is in honour of all those knitters out there.  Kate and Karen I am thinking of you but I know others of you also are a whizz at this crafty pastime. 
I have made a couple of items in my youth when I had my mum to hand to keep me right.  I even managed to wear one of the tops I made, remember when the big needles were popular and large loopy tops? 
Back in the 80's when fashion meant anything goes, the more outrageous the better.  
Happy times with bright colours, shell suits and shoulder pads! LOL.
Anyway I am waffling so I shall start with the quotes....

Now even as a crocheter I know this feeling, the unknown excitement starting a new project, will I manage to follow the pattern?  Will it look like the picture provided?  How long will it take?
Will the recipient like it, will I like it?
Twenty questions!
Best just get on with it and find out then, don't you agree?

Now I am a bit of a dog lover but I know lots of you out there are cat lovers all the way, so this one is for you.

Bum, bum!
I don't do cats but this is one very cute kitten, by the look on it's face I think it is about to pounce and show you it's lovely sharp claws.  
My love of cats comes from years ago when I used to babysit for a family with a cat.  It would take great pleasure of sitting behind me on the sofa and gradually digging in it's claws until I would sit elsewhere in the room.  Then it would follow me and do the same again.  
This cat and I just didn't get on.

Moving on, I can't remember whether I have shown you this one before but it makes me giggle every time I see it.  Apologies if it is a repeat but it is worth it.

He deserved it then ladies, didn't he?
I have to say knitting needles would work so much better at creating maximum creative damage as opposed to a crochet hook.  Maybe I need to think about taking up knitting then?  

That's all from me today.  Enjoy your weekend.  I hope you get time for some crafty fun and or some sunshine.  (It has been notably absent from the North of Scotland this week.)
More from me on Monday.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Spellbinding oldie time!

Good morning and how are you this Friday?
It's that time of the week again, dig out your oldies!
I encourage you each Friday to join me in reposting an old crafty project.  It can be anything you have posted previously or something you have never posted before, as long as you have made it yourself.  Please link up below so I can hop along to your blog, I will comment on all I visit.
Here is my oldie for today.

I have used Spellbinder dies nestabilites Decorative labels one and D-lites Medallion three.  The card is black and white pearlescent with ribbons and pearls from my stash.
I love making black and white combo cards letting the dies do all the work keeping the style simple.

It's nearly the weekend folks, a quiet day for me today.  I have the dog to walk and then need to pop to work for my new uniform and a quick meeting.  The rest of the day will be a mixture of housework and crafting.  Then another busy day at work tomorrow with the last of my really early starts.
No plans as yet for the weekend but I think it will mainly involve getting the boys sorted and organised for going back to school on Tuesday.
Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Emboss and conquer!

Good afternoon and how are you today?
I enjoyed a lovely morning walk along the beach with the dog earlier, the sun was out and it was warm too.  I had thrown caution to the wind and left my fitbit at home, but not only that, the sandals also came off as I walked barefoot along the sand.  A nice foot exfoliation in the process!
It almost felt like summer.  I say felt as now the clouds have arrived and it is spitting, the forecast doesn't look good for the rest of the day either.  Boo.

I didn't get around to a post yesterday after getting in from work.  I made my sympathy card and got some bits from work to pop around to my neighbours with later, then I sat down for a nice cup of tea.
Holly must have missed me, working an extra day, because she jumped on my lap and fell fast asleep.
That was me stuck!
I did enjoy my cuddle and I got to catch up on some of the Olympics #Rio2016.  Is it just me or is GB getting a lot of fourths and fifths this year?  I know it is a good thing to be doing so well but it must be sickening to be so close to a medal, don't you think?

Talking of medals, would you allow me a quick "proud Mummy moment?"
My eldest got his Higher results yesterday and managed an A in French, and B's in English, Maths, Biology and Chemistry.
He was very happy and I was chuffed he got good results as I was concerned he was spending more time than he should have on his electronic gadgets.  He obviously had everything under control!
He is ahead of me already as I didn't finish my A levels as I was offered full time work in Banking at his age so I left college.  The draw of financial independence was too great.
He has decided to stay on at school for 6th form and is going to study Advanced Higher French and Biology plus Higher Music.
After that he doesn't know what he wants to do.  From being two he always wanted to work with animals but now he is undecided.  I think he is keen to do something language based.

Back to crafting, I know my place.
Here is my sympathy card for my neighbour.

I have used Stamp set Fancy labels and Fancy tags by JustRite Cling together with Spellbinder die Labels 18 on pearlescent card stock.  I have embossed using Personal Impressions powder Pewter Shimmer and matte and layered with matching card stock.
Finally adding a satin bow to finish.
I did try a matching an embossed background but decided I preferred it plain.
I haven't embossed for a while and thoroughly enjoyed my wee play.  I never tire of the magic, watching the powder change with my heat gun.  It always makes me smile.  
I have been spending all my free-time of late working on my blanket so it was nice to get my hands on a bit of card instead.

That's all from me today I better go and get some lunch sorted for my men.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Fudging water colouring!

Good afternoon and how was your weekend?
I had a super busy day at work on Saturday followed by a quiet night with my boys.  Did you get the thunderstorms where you are?  Wow.  We even had a power cut.
This picture was taken by Neil Hamilton from the coastline up here.

I think you'd agree that he got one hell of a shot.  It's amazing.
The house felt like it shook at one point and little Holly didn't know what to do with herself.
Then I was searching for matches and candles as the power went down.
No WIFI on a Saturday night!
It was all very exciting.

Sunday was very breezy, the dog walk along the beach was very fast one way and then a good sandblast the other, great for skin exfoliation!
I lost one of my garden pot wellies, luckily that seems to have been the worst of the damage for us.
It was funny watching hubby try to take the tent down from in the garden, I think at one point he nearly went flying.
Unfortunately we also had some sad new yesterday, one of our lovely neighbours had a massive heart attack and died suddenly.  Such a lovely fella too and I'd only spoken to him the day before.
It certainly makes you focus the mind on what is really important.  My thoughts go out to all of the family.  x

Today I was at work, it's cleaning day on a Monday.  Lots of scrubbing!  The joys.
On the upside when I got home I had a lovely cup of tea and my favourite treat of the moment. (Which I really shouldn't eat, but they are so yummy!)

If you like lemon desserts you will LOVE these.  Oh me, oh my, they disappeared as soon as I opened them.  It is a pity that all my lot like them too.  They really are lush!  It's the sort of thing that you really want to savour but I don't get the chance of that here.  It's more a case of whoosh and they're gone.

I also had a wee go at water colouring this weekend.  This poppy is by IndigoBlu and is about 5 x 6" big.  It's huge!

I don't really know much about water colouring other than what I have gleaned from youtube.  I think it is a case of back to the drawing board and practise a wee bit more.  I am not happy with it but then I always want to run before I can walk.
One of my crafty pals saw it and liked it.
I am always very critical of my own work.
I also made a few more squares for my crocheted blanket over the weekend.  I am now halfway through and just threading them together before starting again making more.
It's going to be a long haul.

That's all from me today, time to go and put the tea on and then I think tonight I will be making a sympathy card.
Another day in work tomorrow, then a couple of days to get the kids sorted before going back to school next week.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

It's the weekend time for a creative smile or two.

Good morning and how are you this Saturday?
I am much better after my chill out massage yesterday, just in time for going into work.
Today I have a mixed back of quotes for you.  I have to admit I am now finding it harder, and harder to find new creative giggles.

This first one is me all over.  I would love one of those incredibly tidy craft rooms from Pinterest where everything has it's place and you can find something instantly.

Mine resembles a room from one of the TV shows where the house is such a mess they've got a whole army of folk in to tidy it for them.  Now there's an idea!
At this point I'd like to add the rest of my house is much better, I'm just a crafting slob!

The next couple of quotes I have gone slightly off piste with.  I have reached that part of the school holidays where this becomes a regular occurrence!

It is usually followed by the words, "just do it!"
At which point this happens.......

Arh, can you tell it is week five of the school holidays!
Not long now.  
All the teachers are now complaining as the holidays are going too fast and all the parents are counting down the days when life can get back to normal.
Or is that just me?

I start my new job next week at work, I am going to be let loose on the customers, heaven help them or should that be me?!
Either way I shall be working double the hours I have been doing so it might be a bit of a shock to the system.  I think it will go one of two ways, I shall either be really good and be more organised because I have less time at home to do things or I shall just be more than a craft slob!
My blog may suffer a little to start with as I adjust to the new hours and getting the kids sorted to going back to school.  
I guess it shall be a case of watch this space.